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22 May 2008 @ 12:37 am
she who never updates  

well my personal journal anyway

History exam: owned.

Also want to pimp this awesome Buffy/Supernatural fic. What I know about Buffy is basically fannish osmosis and that Buffy/Naruto/Gundam Wing fic I read that one time (read that as well) but I know enough about the characters to appreciate the Buffy side, and it mostly focuses on SPN anyway with Xander along for the ride. Also they adopt a puppy.

I've started watching the new season of Supernatural (one way of getting round the haitus I suppose) and I'm 4 episodes in. Bela = MADE OF AWESOME. Ruby, not so much. I'm still waiting her to do something beyond taunting Sam.

Sam/Pride Rule 34 plz.

The new season of Doctor Who is a bit rubbish, isn't it? There's only been one full episode I actually liked (except for the completely pointless and stupid death of Martha's Hath because the writers couldn't think of anything else to do with it. I knew it was going to die as soon as the "you can stay down here but I'm going after my friends!!" speech. What was the point of bringing Martha back for THREE EPISODES if the Doctor and Donna spend half the stime separated from her? Rant rant rant) and the soothsayer bits in the Pompeii episode, which I felt the aliens ruined/weren't remotely scary. Does EVERY important person/event/landmark have to have aliens now? I wouldn't mind the aliens so much if 95% of them weren't so focused on destroying humanity/the world/the universe. Moar alien planets plz.

Gonna shut up now.

PS I still love Red Mage. Also Fighter. Thief can DIAF.