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13 March 2009 @ 07:40 am
a little late? maybe?  
So...you know that post I made seven months ago? I was revisiting some old awesome fics, logged into my ff.net account, and holy shit, someone left a review on my fic! (yes, I'm replying to a review left two months ago that was a reply to a post I made seven months ago, shut up. I have problems with the concept of 'doing anything at all on time.')

Funny how you have a blog dedicated to poking fun at South Park fanfiction--especially when you don't even have the guts to leave a flame; you do it behind their backs--and you write mediocre Pokemon. (note to reviewer: commas are your friends!)

Boy, you sure showed me, anonymous reviewer Not Impressed! I like how my journal absolutely no-one reads that had two (2) posts pointing out stupid passages now means I'm dedicated to making fun of South Park fics. I like SP fics, it's an awesome fandom, but jesus christ I wish people would sometimes remember they're writing sbout South Park and not Beautiful Sex God Teenager Highschool.

See you in seven months!