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05 June 2009 @ 03:35 am
I do absolutely approve of MI1 remake though  
I would get banned so hard for this, yet NEVERTHELESS

hooray the quality sucks but it is nearly 4 am and I don't care. click it three times and you can actually read it!

I get wanting to click full teams but this is just silly, it hit level 100 a month ago and probably gets this amount of clicks daily

Ever since I saw the username on GPX I've thought that Nastia would make an amazing name for a children's saturday morning cartoon villainess. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if there was one called that.

Also re: NEW MONKEY ISLAND HOLY SHIT, I'm, um, not as excited as I would have been a few years ago? I've only really played 3 and 2 but when I first played 2 properly LeChuck's 'screaming chair' speech really made me stop and go 'wow' and wonder how they would have dealt with it in voice acting, and seeing him reduced to saying 'Geekwood' really rubbed me the wrong way.

Also Elaine has been kidnapped!! No we didn't consider if that had been done before or if it was the entire plot to one of the games why

Nevertheless I'm just going to say this in my journal that two people may or may not look at and let other people enjoy it. Enjoying things is fun :)
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