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24 March 2008 @ 07:43 pm
Oh hey nice to know that Smash Bros. fic is still terrible. The real reason Roy isn't in Brawl? Master Hand hates yaoi:

"Master Hand past a rule to the Smashers and that rule was that no one could have a relationship outside of the Smashers group. You also couldn’t have a homosexual relationship with someone especially if he’s from another world. If Master Hand caught you, then he would kick you off the group. It scared all of the Smashers when they saw Master Hand attack Roy when he figured out that the swordsman and Marth were in a relationship. Crazy Hand had to calm his brother down, but when he did, Master Hand kicked Roy out of the third game so he is forbidden to fight this third year. Since the fans were complaining about the Super Smash Brothers Brawl creator taking out a hot swordsman, they replaced him with two people which were Ike and Pit. Ike because he was from the same world as Marth and Roy and Pit because he had a similar appearance to Roy and that he would attract as many fan girls as Roy did in the 2nd year. Master Hand doesn’t care about what they do now, since he already ruined them both."

I've had this fic bookmarked for two days and still haven't managed to bring myself to read past this bit because even though it'll be stupidly hilarious I just....dear god just look at it.

PS five quid says Ganondorf is the main evil dude. He always is.
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